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Certificate Area

ISO 9001

CHINGHER requires that all raw materials used by suppliers comply with REACH regulation SVHC (highly pay close attention substance) can not surpass 0.1% weight ratio.

CHINGHER comprehensively requires that the raw materials used by suppliers "conform to the requirements of RoHS regulations (2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU)".

Why do you choose CHINGHER?

Customer satisfaction is our eternal purpose

CAUSE 1: ESG sustainable supply chain

Material point:

Procure raw materials that meet REACH, RoHS, FDA, PAHs, NSF, WRAS... and other specifications, and require suppliers to provide [material certificate], [inspection report], [non-toxic certificate]... and other reports to ensure compliance with international standards .

Equipment Point:

  • Install frequency conversion energy-saving modules on the whole machine: save power consumption up to 20%.

  • Gradually replace old machines and install new energy-saving machines.

Manufacturing point:

The first thing to do is to reduce the amount at the source, evaluate the minimization of resource usage during manufacturing, and correct the parameters of raw material usage and process technology to achieve the optimization and minimization of raw material utilization.

Handle waste:

  • Our raw edge of silicone have reached up to 100% recycling.

  • Rubber burr waste: purchased several additional [cold runner waste-free injection machines], which has reduced rubber burr waste by 25%.

Reason 2: Professional equipment

Regulatory Compliance

Our company has added a laboratory to make the rubber formula comply with the laws and regulations of various countries: such as American material specifications (ASTM, MIL, UL, AMS), German material specifications (DIN), Japanese material specifications (JIS), etc., respecting customer requirements.


Our Background


Jinhe Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Qianlong Rubber) was founded in 1983. It is a professional rubber manufacturer. Our company can provide customers with one-stop rubber product solutions of design, proofing and production, and meet customers' OEM and ODM customized services. need.

The whole factory has passed ISO9001 certification from raw materials, manufacturing process and quality inspection system. The products comply with international standards such as ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS and SAE, and can provide SGS and RoHS certification documents. ​ In order to cope with the increase in turnover, Jinhe Enterprise will carry out a new factory plan in 2018, and purchase additional production equipment, introduce a new [cold runner non-replaceable injection machine], add a new [1000-ton large machine], [rubber vacuum forming machine] [Taiwan] machine], [automatic cutting machine], [deburring machine]... etc., greatly improving production capacity and quality.

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